Watch “Les Miz” Beamed Live from the 02 Arena!

The world’s most popular musical ‘Les Miserables’ is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary on October 3rd 2010. And people around the world can watch it live! Although it’s not a comedy it is still a great show so I thought it was worth a mention!

The show is being beamed live from the O2 Arena in London to cinemas across the globe, it will be shown at more than 130 cinemas. You can see information here:

In it are lots of stars, including Little Britains own Matt Lucas. As well as lots of talented performers including Nick Jonas (from the Jonas Brothers) and Broadway pro Norm Lewis.

Like I say, it is not a comedy (the title literally means “The Miserable Ones”) but if you like a good musical then check this out on October 3rd as it looks very cool. Here are a couple of photos.

Les Miserables pics:
Les Miz Actor

Les Miz Actors


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One thought on “Watch “Les Miz” Beamed Live from the 02 Arena!
  1. Seema Dehar says:

    I can’t find a cinema showing Less Miserable bec all these tickets have been sold. Why couldn’t this special addition live show be purchased through Virgin Media or Sky?
    Wolverhampton tickets were sold two days before the showing, Birmingham sold out too. Apparently tons of people have been turned away bec Cinemas haven’t catered for the public demand.
    I’ve asked the same question to Virgin Media.